Travel Itinerary

I have been wanting to travel for years now, so around June 2010 I decided that I was going to do it. I started saving and planning, sold almost everything I own (except my bed and computer) and moved in with my parents.

I’ve spent most of my time preparing and am very interested in sharing my experiences during my travels. I intend to post whenever I have content worth posting and hopefully in detail that is useful to others planning to travel in the future.

Here is my basic idea for an itinerary, it will be fun to read this in a year and see how it’s all going and possibly how crazy I was to have had such a lofty goal.

  • New York City: Leaving Saskatoon at the start of March by Greyhound bus to NYC (mostly to save money and because I got all the time in the world) I will have 16 days to explore the city, hopefully while CouchSurfing (although a hostel is fine if I can’t find a host).
  • United Kingdom: Then a flight to London where I have a friend I can stay with already. I intend to bus around the United Kingdom using transportation like MegaBus and Eurolines for 90+ days.
  • Schengen Area: Once I get tired of the UK it’s off to the Schengen area for 90 days (maximum allowed), most likely via chunnel bus which seems to be the cheapest way to get from London to Paris. Once in the Schengen area I will try and follow a straight line type of path, something similar to Busabout’s Go Roman path but I end up in Athens hopefully.
  • Western & Southern Asia: From Athens I hope to take a flight to Egypt and stay there for 10+ days or until it gets boring. Anything after this point is really seat of my pants stuff because by this time I will be 7+ months into my trip and have no idea were my head or funds will be at. So what I want to do is get myself to Israel and Jordan for 10-20 days. After that I would like to spend a good chunk of time in India as I feel that is a real test for a traveler (based purely on what I have heard).
  • Southeastern Asia: By this time I will be almost a year in and it’s all guessing from this point, but if my money has lasted out of India then I think I would do Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia and around that area for a few months.
  • Australia: Once I get tired of that I would like to set off to Australia with a working holiday visa for 6-12 months so I can replenish my funds and also take a road trip across Australia. I would stay until I got some money saved and I have experienced Australia.
  • Everywhere Else: Then perhaps New Zealand or Japan. This is so far in the future that it’s not even a plan anymore but just ideas. The places listed are about 50% of the were I want to go so there is still many things to see and do.

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  1. Dustin Brett 12 August 2014 at 1:04 AM #

    3 years on and going strong, 50th country coming up in 3 days. Travel has been beyond my wildest dreams for what I could do with my life. Best decision I have ever made. Doesn’t feel like a decision anymore, feels like my life.

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