New York – First Week

So I finally made it to New York after a 59 hour bus ride that had 6 transfers. I am not sure I would ever do this ride again but at the time it was worth saving that much money and I didn’t realize how soul draining a ride like that can be. So I arrived at 7PM NYC time on the 4th of March at the Port Authority. Had a tough time getting in touch with my host as the pay phones ate 6 of my quarters. I ended up walking to time square and using the free wireless to make a phone call, it was only a 10 minute walk and was nice at night.

So I ended up meeting my host Sergio and 2 other CS guests that were staying with him named Greg and Hojeong. We ate at the Corner Bistro for under $20 I got a burger and a beer. Not a great start to saving money but in the week so far I am at about $40/day and I think I can cut that down in the next 10 days. After the bistro Sergio had taken a few shots so I got to drive his car all around NYC including right down time square which was pretty cool as a I like driving.

NThe next day me Sergio and Hojeong walked to Brooklyn down the bridge which was very large. We then went to the Brooklyn museum for a few hours, it was a native american theme and felt pretty much like the native stuff I see in Canada. The next day we stayed at home for most of the day because it was raining really bad. We went to the grocery store and bought some food to have a brunch for a few other CS members who were really friendly. Later that night we went to Spanish Harlem and ate at a Dominican food place for pretty cheap. We then went to a CS movie night at an apartment in the Bronx.

The next day I hung out with Kelli from Australia who I had hosted in Saskatoon when I still had an apartment. She was visiting for a few days and we picked a place to meet on Facebook. We met near a TD Bank in China town and I attempted to take money out. Turns out that the TD Bank’s in China town don’t like my ATM card. The ones in other areas of NYC work fine so I know that for the future. So we walked around China town and took a few photos of filming locations for one of our favorite shows Flight of the Conchords. We then took the Staten Island ferry back and forth so we could get a good shot of the Statue of Liberty. It’s a free ferry and your best option unless you want to pay to go to the island. After that we went to Coney Island to walk along the beach, check out the closed amusement park and eat a Nathan’s famous hot dog. Also Kelli said a lot scenes in the movie The Warriors took place there but I couldn’t recall. We also walked along the Brooklyn bridge but this time at night which is totally different. Before the night ended we took some night photos at time square then called it a night.

TThen came my last night at Sergio’s in New Jersey as was it for Greg and Hojeong. We went to Top of the Rock which was $20 to get up, I think it was worth it just for a good sky view of the city and also it was right before sunset. I was meeting Kelli at a CS party at a bar so I left a bit early from Top of the Rock and met Kelli at the bar. There ended up being 50+ CS members there and I tried to find a new host for the next 10 days. I may have found a host for this Monday but nothing at the party. Luckily an e-mail I sent to a girl named Lisa who was the host at a movie night I was at on Saturday was able to host me and I went to her place with another guy named Russ who was at the party and also being hosted by Lisa. We had trouble with the subway and it took us hours to get home.

The next day I hung out with Kelli most of the day as it was her last day in NYC. I was 20 minutes late meeting her in time square as I took the wrong subway track during a transfer. We then went to eat lunch at Tom’s Restaurant which is the restaurant that everyone always went to in Seinfeld. It does not look the same inside but it’s identical outside still. After that we went to check out the UN building which was on Kelli’s list of things to do. Managed to find the Canadian flag and snap a picture of it. We also checked out the Flat Iron building as it was on my list and near-ish to the UN building. We then went and ate at a place called Walker’s in TriBeCa after taking 15 minutes researching places to eat. We ended the night with a really funny comedy show at UCB comedy. It was improv between John Lutz & Scott Adsit who play Lutz and Pete on 30 Rock. It was a small place with maybe 200 people total in a small room. Justin Long and John Hodgman were in the audience a few feet away from me which I thought was kinda cool. After that we stayed for what they called School Night which is just comedy students doing stand-up which was okay but not as good as the improv.

That brings us to today which has so far been a day of rest. I have had so many late nights that I wanted to just relax and sleep in today. I will be going to the weekly CS meeting tonight and then to a Brazilian party at a place that has a $5 open bar going on, it’s also a CS event. So besides that I am going to just relax today and try and figure out what to do for the next 9-10 days. I have some video that I may upload to YouTube once I edit and shrink it if anyone is interested. Also keep track of my Twitter and Flickr accounts as I do all updates on there as soon as I can.

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  1. Corey Waldner 10 March 2011 at 9:03 PM #

    Congrats on the start of your trip man!!!

  2. Wilna 14 March 2011 at 1:52 AM #

    Hi Dustin,
    Well this looks so cool. I hope you have a great trip. Got your link from your dad. Be safe! Wilna from TLC Grooming

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