New York – Week Two

So I have been in NY/NJ for roughly 14 days now. I leave Sunday night to London and have been working the last few days on finding a CS host. I recently found 1 for a few days and will hopefully find another at the CS meetings at London on Sunday and Monday.

This last week has been a bit more about just hanging out and walking around. I went to some museums and other things that were on my list of things to see that I didn’t get time for on the first week. My current host is really awesome and is going to have hosted me for 12 days by the time I leave which is a lot for a CS host. I wish I could have helped out more but I am new to being a guest and did everything I could think of, bought a few groceries and helped out when I could.

MOn the 11th I went to MoMA with a friend that I met at a CS event and who had been hosted by my current host right before me. They had some cool pictures that were famous but in general I am not huge into modern art so I didn’t get a ton out of it. The next day I went to the Met which was actually rather cool and had a ton of artifacts from Egypt. There was an entire tomb type thing that they had flown to the US from Egypt that was awesome. After the Met I walked down through central park and bought an iPod Touch at the famous Apple store that is shaped like a glass cube. It is so much easier to get around and stay in contact when I have a smaller computer that I can easily carry with me.

Now the next couple of days were spent doing not very much. I went to Grand Central Station at one point and hung out for a bit. Also I did a lot of walking around downtown and Chinatown areas. Also I went to the Tuesday and Thursday CS meetings and met more cool people that I hope to see in the future. May have found a place to stay in Athens and Zurich from a few cool guys. I checked out the American Museum of Natural History which had some really cool Africa exhibits. I only had $0.70 in my pocket so that was all I paid to get in. Got a library card at the New York Public Library Main Branch which is a cool memento to have.

SThe 17th was St Patrick’s Day so I went to see the parade for a bit. It was very busy but a bit underwhelming in person I found. The CS St Patrick’s Day party was pretty cool as we had the entire upstairs of a bar called Solas and over 100 CS’ers showed up.

I will do a small budget breakdown for anyone interested. All of these prices are taxes and everything included. The bus ticket to get here from Saskatoon cost me $114 and I left at 8 AM on March 2nd. I spent $38.65 during the bus trip, mostly on Tim Hortons food. After that I only used my debit card to take out money from banks. So including the $40 USD I intend to take out tomorrow I will have taken out roughly $565 (I will know exact once I see what TD converted the $40 into CDN). Now there may very well be extra charges that I get at the end of the month so we will see on that, hopefully it’s not insane, I have a bank account were the ATM fee is waived which would normally be $5, but I am not sure if they snuck something else in there. I am going to assume no extra charges for now and update this in April if they magically appear.

CSo that is basically it for costs actually. You could include the ticket out of here which cost $264.93 and takes me to London, UK. So if you add all costs between March 2nd to March 20th then the entire NYC trip cost only $982.58 which is pretty good I think for 16 days in NYC. Keep in mind that I saw all the attractions and went to every museum I wanted to. It may have helped that I like cheap food most of the time. I had pizza from 2 Bros Pizza a few times which is only $1 per slice. This picture to the left was only $2.75 USD for pizza and the drink, and it’s big NYC style pizza.

Sorry about only posting weekly but I ended up being a bit busier than I expected. I will do a more in depth spreadsheet type budget at some point because I think it’s important for people to realize the costs and see if its practical for them to do it.

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