London – Week Two

Been kind of lazy and didn’t post at the actual week 2. I am also over a month into my trip and will be leaving London on Saturday just shy of 3 weeks. I’ve been hosted with a person who I hosted in Saskatoon named Thom. By the time I leave he will have hosted me for 11 days which is a long time. Usually people only host guests for 3-5 days on CS and I will have to get more used to booking 2-3 hosts per place in the future. But if hosts are okay with it then I don’t mind.

PSince my last post I have done a lot of walking around the city mostly. Went to the National Gallery, Science Museum and Natural History Museum which were all interesting in there own way. I also went to the Royal Observatory which is right on the prime meridian and has a very good view of London. Went to Stonehenge on a bus on the 4th which only took about 75 minutes each way from London.

Today I went to go where they filmed parts of Clockwork Orange and the TV show Misfits which is in far south east London. Turns out there was a reason for stuff like that being filmed there, it’s because it’s full of trailer trash and I would not want to be there when it gets dark. Sadly it was a 20 minute walk each way to get to the place from the nearest National Rail station. Also I forgot to bring my camera so I didn’t take any pictures but it was nothing amazing, kinda reminded me of 20th street in Saskatoon.

SI have figured out my itinerary I think for the British Isles. I will be going from London to Manchester via Megabus on Saturday and will probably be there for 8 days or so. There is a big CS party happening there over 3 days so that should be awesome I hope. Then I will move onto Scotland with my first stop being Edinburgh. Then onto Glasgow to get a few perspectives on Scotland. I will probably be in Scotland for 2-2 1/2 weeks before moving onto Belfast in Northern Ireland for a week. I found a ferry that can take me from Belfast to Isle of Man then to Dublin all on 1 ticket, so that is what I will do most likely. Then I want to go to Wales but am not sure exactly were yet. I know I want to go to Cardiff but would also like to visit my cousin and would like to take a ferry to Wales but it would not put me anywhere near Cardiff so I may fly. Should be in the British Isles for another 1 1/2 to 2 months before moving onto “The Continent” as the British refer to the rest of Europe.

RI bought a book today about a girl who Couch Surfed around Europe so that should be a fun read and maybe I can get some tips or something to help me. She did more of Eastern Europe than I am planning to do but plans change and I am interested in visiting everywhere eventually, if I had that much money. I will be going to the London Zoo tomorrow most likely and should have some cool pictures from that, although it will cost 19 GBP which is a bit high but my budget has to allow for stuff like that every once in awhile.

I seem to have more to type on my first week in a new place than after being there for a while as I get used to living in the city and just relax a bit more which I actually like. My next post will be my first week in Manchester so should be rather interesting I hope. Thanks for reading.

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