Gear Update

I posted my original gear list with a picture of everything before I started my trip and I am now 11 and a half weeks into my trip and thought I would do a quick update on what I have added and what I got rid of. I have taken the old gear picture I made and crossed out everything that I no longer have. Most of it I left at my cousins place in a bag in Wales which I hope she was not mad about as I left her a note saying she can either keep it, toss it or bring it home next time she is were my parents live.

A few things I got rid of before even leaving for my trip such as my water bottle, clothes line, sink plug and 2 carabiners. My first stop in NYC I picked up a few I ‘heart’ NYC shirts which lasted for a few weeks before falling apart which is what I expected for $2 USD per shirt. The 3 shirts I brought with me, which is way to few, I have already become not so fond of and am always looking for replacements. While in London I bought 3 shirts at the GAP and 1 shirt at Primark which I have been wearing way more often than the original 3 I started with.

The next thing to go was my hoodie which was way to big for the weather and I got rid of it by leaving it at a hosts in London with the same idea that he can keep it or toss it. I got 2 new hoodies throughout a period of 40 days or so, both in London. The first I got at the GAP when I bought those 3 shirts and it was very nice until I ruined it in Wales by super shrinking it in the dryer. The next was from Primark when I was getting my other new shirt and it is still going strong although I think I did shrink it a tiny bit in Paris but it still fits well if not better since being shrunk.

So the list of things I left at my cousins are my Aqua tablets, USB thumbdrive, wireless USB adapter (which is not even in my original picture but I never needed), toque, magnetic tripod, 1 gel pen, fork and spoon, North America power adapter and moleskin notepad. At some point I threw away my ziploc bags but I have no idea when so I left them out of the list until now. Also when I reached Paris I gave my UK power adapter to 2 American girls that I met in a hostel and who were going to be in London next week.

A few things I have added to my gear besides clothes are mainly bathroom supplies that are bound to run out. The deodorant I was using was garbage and I bought a new one days into my trip in NYC. The Advil bottle ran out rather fast and I have since bought more several times, once in Manchester and once on my way to Cardiff. I also took the bottles of shampoo and body soap from the hotel that I stayed at in London when my friend paid for the hotel, along with the bars of soap they had also. And I bought a facial scrub that I discovered while staying at my hosts in Manchester and really liked.

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