Day 100!!!! (Amsterdam, NL)

BWell I haven’t updated in a few weeks (typical) so I will mention what I did after Paris which was my last post. I went to Spain after Paris and got sunburned really bad on the first day. Basically I have never tanned before so went about doing everything possibly wrong. So that kind of put me out for most of the days in Spain in which I hung around are not to bad hostel in the middle of nowhere. There is supposed to be wild pigs everywhere around the hostel but I never saw them once sadly. But the hostel does have a nice view of Spanish hill sides. I still got to go out several days which is more than most people who come for 2-3 days do so I still got a good look at Spain and met some cool people.

After Spain I took a bus all the way to Brussels which is rather far by Europe standards. I had a CS host for my first day but after that I was on my own. Sadly I took way to long to try and find a hostel and when the time came there were very few options and they were very expensive. So I ended up renting a BMW to sleep in which was actually cheaper I think then doing a hostel in Brussels for the 3 days I was going to be there. Of course it was a bank holiday so the only rental agencies open were at the airport which was rather far away.

I forgot to take a picture of this car but it was a BMW Series 1, manual transmission, navigation and A/C. Now the one problem with that list that I thought I could easily surmount was the fact it was not an automatic transmission. I was an idiot to think so as I found out when I tried to get the car out of the rental agency parking lot and instantly hit another car when I let go of the clutch too fast. I have never driven a manual before and barely understood how it works so it was a difficult 3 days driving wise.

LAn advantage of having a car is that a few places I wanted to see were near so instead of wasting away in a hostel I got to drive to Bruges and Luxembourg which were places I was interested in seeing also. Sadly I spent to short a time in all these places and did not get a very good idea for the cities really. I did have a good time in all 3 though, I watched the movie In Bruges while in Bruges then proceeded to visit the places they did in the movie which was fun. In Luxembourg I attempted to have a night out but it was mostly non-English speaking locals and I had a hard time of it, but I did get to eat a McRib which they still sell at the McDonalds in Luxembourg. And in Brussels I found a CS meeting at a hostel that had a Canadian band playing called Colin Moore which ended up being a really fun night. I slept in my car all nights which is hell on the back and I think I got a cold from sleeping in the car also. I would not likely rent a car to sleep in again or if I did it would be more roomy.

AAfter all that I went back to Brussels to catch my bus to Amsterdam where I am currently. I have been here for 3 days now and have not really accomplished very much actually. I am going to do a walking tour tomorrow but I have mostly been hanging out with people from around the hostel and just walking around with them. It was good to have a shower after being in that car for 3 days straight but I still have yet to find a decent priced place to do laundry so I may wait till Berlin on that which is my next stop. I have a place to stay in Berlin for 4 days of my trip and might be able to find a place to stay a few more days before going to Prague. Goodbye for now!

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