Day 112 (Prague, Czech Republic)

MJust spent last week in Berlin, Germany after leaving Amsterdam around June 14th I believe. I was going to spend 4 days in Berlin but ended up spending an entire week there. Berlin was a really cool place and both my hosts were great people who I got to hang out with a few times. When I wasn’t hanging out with my hosts I took a free tour to get some history around Berlin and did a lot of walking on my own. Also bought a new pair of jeans as the ones I have are begining to fall apart after 100 straight days of wear. I rode the metro system a lot in Berlin (S/U-Bahn) and I would have to say it has way to many stops on each line and has a ton of construction going on, but I got around so it’s not horrible. I kind of fell in love with a food called Currywurst which is basically a brautwurst cut into pieces with a special ketchup and curry powder put on it. It is one of my favorite snack foods at this point in my trip.

B Visited the Berlin Wall which was kinda neat and it actually did have some cool art on the “East Side Gallery” section of the wall which is a popular part of the wall to visit. Most of the wall is gone but you can still see a line of bricks on the ground were it used to be and that goes through a large part of the city, including on roads. Took in a few museums when I was there but I did not know there was a combo ticket for all museums on this place called museum island so it would have cost me like 100 EUR I thought. Also without student discount it cost a lot more, I really wish I had a student card, might have to work on doing something about that as there is a ton of student discounts, probably could have saved 100-200 EUR by now actually. One museum I thought was really cool was called the Pergamon museum which has entire parts of ancient buildings in it’s museum which is what I really liked in the museum in NYC that had an ancient Egyptian gate/temple/something.

I’ve also decided on what I will be doing after my Schengen Zone time is over which will be mid-August. I am going to fly from Athens, Greece to Kiev, Ukraine and when there, while also being a tourist I intend to apply for a visa to Russia so that I can take a bus from Kiev, Ukraine to Moscow, Russia for likely a week. It will cost a bit of money to get one but I really want to see Russia so I hope it all works out and doesn’t totally break the bank. If so I should be in Russia before September. Then I will take the bus back to Kiev, Ukraine before moving onto Istanbul, Turkey for a week or 2. After that it’s an unknown, I will likely be doing some flying if I want to see Amman, Jordan and Cairo, Egpyt which I do so that will also cost a bit. Luckily the cost of living in all the places I mentioned is a lot lower than Western Europe has been so I am hoping that will balance out the higher use of planes I have been doing.

I am currently in Prague and will be until the 26th after which I think I will go to Krakow, Poland for 5-7 days. I need to book my bus ticket and likely a hostel unless I can find a couch to surf which I will send requests for today. I think it will be a cheaper place so that should help out. I haven’t taken any pictures yet in Prague but I went to a pub crawl with some friends from the hostel so I’m sure I am in a few pictures on someones camera. Also after getting to Czech Republic I have now been to 15 countries (Belgium, Canada, China, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Ireland (Republic of), Luxembourg, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Spain, United States, Wales) which is a good start, I should be near 27 before October. My next post will likely be from Poland if everything works out.

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  1. Austin Pethan 9 July 2011 at 5:20 PM #

    Dustin! I’m itching for a new post.  Don’t force a post obviously but you’ve been to quite a few places since Prague!!!

    • Dustin Brett 13 July 2011 at 10:39 AM #

      Sorry I am so crap at updates, I posted today. It’s been so hot lately I have just had to be near the water everyday.

  2. Karenbrett1 11 August 2011 at 10:37 PM #

    miss you so much, need to see more pictures of you[lol]. You look great and looks like your enjoing life! love mom

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