Day 134 (Vienna, Austria)

MSorry as always for late posting, I am just so crap at posting things when traveling, maybe I will get better as the months go on, sometimes internet access can be a problem. So Prague was a really good time and I met a lot of cool people. After Prague I went to Krakow, Poland for 4 days and Couch Surfed the entire time in the Jewish district with a guy who owned a big dog. I walked the dog and played with it a few times and it ate my tooth floss out of the plastic container. I went to a CS meeting there and met a fellow Canadian who took me to a karaoke bar where I sang a few songs which was a good time. Besides that I walked around Krakow a lot and had some good blood sausage but that was about it for Poland.

Next stop was Bratislava which was not amazing from a sight seeing point of view but I met several cool people in the hostel in the 2 days I was there. It actually came at a good time for me to just relax as I was getting into a bit of a travelers funk as far as traveling and was just not in the mood to do anything and was wondering why I was traveling. Not sure if its common after 4+ months but the day I was to leave I felt much better and have been recharged since for travel.

LAfter leaving Bratislava I went to Budapest, Hungary for a week and met many cool people. I had a night of getting way to drunk on 12 bottles of wine (shared with 3 other people mind you), had a fun day out with an American girl and an awesome couple of nights with several other Canadians. I met a Canadian guy there that I may end up traveling with once I get to Turkey which would be cool. It was so hot there and reached 40C one day which was almost unbearable. Luckily we went to the public bathes they have there which was great for cooling down. I got a bit of a tan there and luckily didn’t get burned like I did in Spain.

MNow I am in Vienna where I have been for 3 days and I am being hosted by my second person and meeting my third host today. I went to 2 BBQ’s on the river Danube, one with 150+ people and another more manageable one with 15-20 people. Met some really cool people so far and hung out with many of them. I am trying a food experiment right now that I will update people about on my next post but I am to early into it to talk about it now. I was originally going to go to Venice, Italy next but because of how expensive I now realize it is I think I might go to Zagreb, Croatia tomorrow for a few days before going directly to Rome. I may work my way north to Florence, Pisa, Venice for 1 day trips before taking a ferry to Greek Islands for a few days. The if everything goes well my last stop in the Schengen Zone will be in Athens, Greece in early August.

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