Day 141 (Rome, Italy)

MThe days keep flying by rather fast, will be 5 months very soon. Had a chance to hop on a weight scale in Vienna and looks like I lost about 11 lbs and a few belt sizes which I am rather happy about. Walking for 3-5 hours a day is paying off and without having to watch every little thing I eat. I stayed with 3 different hosts in Vienna and stayed a day longer than expected because I could not get a bus ticket to Rome in time. I was originally going to go from Vienna to Venice but changed my mind for price reasons as I wanted to give myself more time to try and find a Couch Surfing host in both Venice and Florence which are pricier cities than Rome.

The place I am staying in Rome is only 11 EUR a night but is about 75 minutes away from central Rome which makes for a boring trip in and out everyday. Sadly I have not found a Couch Surfing host in either of those places and I will be going to Florence in days so I booked a hostel today as it is just not going to happen with this being the busiest possible time for tourists. I have figured out the metro very well and it is actually a very affordable metro at 16 EUR for 7 days or 1 EUR per trip which is really good when you consider how far I have to go to get into the city each day and that it covers tram, bus, overground train and metro. The food here is probably my favorite so far of all places in Europe. They really do eat pizza and pasta constantly which is basically how I would live my life if I could.

MRome has been pretty fun as this hostel/camp site is actually rather good except for the location and the fact that I have to plug my netbook into a ethernet port in the bar because there is no wireless, well it costs 4 EUR per day but I have heard nothing but bad things about it so I am sticking with the free internet. I have done the usual touristy stuff like visiting the Colosseum , Vatican City, Trevi Fountain and Sistine Chapel. There is still a few things left to do that I will get to in the next 2 days such as the Pantheon.

My new plan for getting to Greece is by taking a ferry from Venice, possibly to the Greek islands and then onto Athens after that but I still have not figured it out which I should probably get to. Hopefully my hesitation won’t hit me hard in the pocket book. The budget has been going well so far and I have currently spent $6,228.15 CDN exactly. So I have been able to keep my daily budget at roughly $44.50 CDN which gives me another 296 or so days of travel, assuming the budget stays stable, I think it will go down once I get out of Europe and start going to places like Egypt, Jordan & India.

BI got a string bracelet from some monks who had a little thing setup in a mall in Rome. You donate some money (0.40 EUR in my case) and then you pick a type of string and they tie it to whatever wrist you want. I am going to try and keep it on for as long as I can. I hope to get other such little things that have actual interesting stories and aren’t just some thing I bought because it looked cool. Although I may do that also if it looks REALLY cool. :)

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