Day 178 (Chisinau, Moldova)

MIn 1 week I will have officially traveled for 6 months, I will try and do a post on that day as it’s kind of a travel milestone, the half a year mark. By the time I reach that goal I will have visited 34 cities in 25 countries and will have 1 city left before I leave Europe and begin the Africa/Asia parts of my trip which will likely last another 6 months or more before making it to Australia to begin operation “make my money back”. Which if it goes well means much more travel in the future.

I was in Turkey last time I posted and since then have been making a mad dash north toward Russia so I can arrive at the same time my visa starts and not waste any days. I went through Bulgaria, Romania and currently Moldova. I have a ticket leaving here for Kiev, Ukraine tomorrow which will arrive on the 28th giving me 3 and a half days in Kiev before I take the train to Moscow and my last country in Europe. I have booked a tour of Chernobyl with my hostel in Kiev which I think will be an awesome look back into communist era life as the area was evacuated in a hurry when the disaster happened. It’s a bit costly but I rarely do things like this and it just seemed like a cool story for later.

MThis is the first time in a while that I have done a post the week after my previous post, hopefully it happens more often but it all depends on free time which I sometimes have and sometimes don’t. I am getting better at managing time while traveling and taking small breaks in between days. I wish I had more time for these countries that I am going through on my way to Russia but that’s just how it is and I can always come back if I want. And in case your wondering my hair is slowly growing back but is still very short, still not sure what to do haircut wise.

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