Day 219 (Alexandria, Egypt)

LFinally got my India visa which is very good news for the future of my trip as it was a big part of my itinerary. It’s good for 6 months but I won’t stay that long, maybe a few months, will see. I will be arriving on the 24th of October, 2 days before Diwali which is the biggest festival of the year. It means cutting my Egypt/Israel/Jordan trip a bit short but not by much as I still have 3 weeks almost and not a huge list of things I really want to see/do. The big things on my list are meeting a friend in Tel Aviv, checking out Jerusalem, visiting Petra and swimming in the Dead Sea.

The money has been dropping a little fast lately but that is because of a lot of big purchases that are important for the trip. The visa/flight to India were costly. The other big cost which I am happy about is I have been approved for my Australian Working Holiday Visa. I now have until September 2012 to arrive in Australia and start looking for a job. I also got some money coming at the end of the year from some web hosting stuff and selling some stuff that I had been holding onto at my parents place that I now realize is not worth keeping. So if South East Asia ends up being as cheap as I think it will be then I don’t see it being a problem.

AEgypt has been fun but I will be taking a bus to Tel Aviv Israel in a few days. My only complaint would be that the people on the street are very insincere and you can’t ever tell you is actually being nice to you and who just wants to get you into there cousins perfume shop. The place itself has been great. My current host has an awesome job that provides him a place and everything and I am very jealous of what he has here. I hope to get something like that in the future and it really peeks my interest in doing some teaching abroad when I am done traveling. I say abroad but Canada doesn’t really feel like my home as much as it used to. I still feel Canadian and everything but don’t feel like “going home” means going back to Canada anymore. Still I look forward to visiting Saskatchewan again in the next few years, after Australia.

I am going to keep this blog post short because I haven’t done much since my last post, next post I will be in Israel likely, possibly Jordan.

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