Day 306 – Happy NY! (Anjuna, IN)

MIt’s been a very relaxing month in Anjuna, Goa, India. I decided to take a 6 week vacation from travel after leaving Kolkata and picked Goa because it had several events going on during December and is in a bubble from the rest of India which I was definitely taking a vacation from. It sounds odd taking a 6 week vacation from traveling around the world but being somewhere new every week for 30-40 weeks gets a bit tiring and it’s good to just unpack for a little while and rest. I am hoping it renews me to some aspects of travel that I was beginning to tire of. Because of this current vacation I have exactly 0 pictures taken so far which was one of the things I had been tiring of lately. But I will take some pictures of were I have been staying and what I have been doing before I leave which will show up on a future post, likely my next post.

RWhile here I have got my own room to stay in with a nice big bed to myself. I also got a scooter to get around with which has been fun to get practice with as I had never driven anything but a car before. And in hopes of getting in shape and starting to look better I have joined a Muay Thai gym for the duration of my stay which is slowly getting me into better shape. I sadly don’t think that with only 14 classes left I will be able to get the six-pack I was hoping for but it’s gotten me in much better shape and hopefully on the road to that goal which I will keep pursuing during my travels and when I get back to Canada. I may even join another Muay Thai gym once I get settled in Australia as it is a very hard but good workout. So with all that setup my days consist mostly of just hanging around and then going to class in the afternoon. I intend to work more on my tan in the following weeks as I have not done well in that front since I arrived here. I had a friend visit me for the past 10 days and we hung out most days which included going to some movies and playing Uno and Poker with some other people from his hotel.

MI have all major transport from Goa all the way to Australia over a period of over 4 months booked and paid for. I’ve updated all this information with exact dates on my map page but I will also go through it here so everyone knows. I am leaving Goa for Delhi under 3 weeks and will be spending over a week in Delhi, likely at a hostel. I will also have a goal in Delhi of obtaining the required visa to get into Vietnam which needs to be done ahead of time and can likely be done in Thailand if I get into trouble with it in Delhi. From Delhi I go to Kolkata for just 1 day which I did mostly to save a bit of money, although thinking about it now with train/accommodations in Kolkata I either broke even or saved barely anything. But it will hopefully give me a chance to say hi to my friends in Kolkata before flying to Bangkok, Thailand. From Thailand I will make my way by land through Laos, Vietnam and onto Cambodia over a period of almost 5 weeks. In late February I fly out of Phnom Penh, Cambodia for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where I spend a week before flying to Singapore for another week. After that I will move onto Indonesia by flying to Jakarta for half a week then spending another half week in Bali. From Bali I fly back to Kuala Lumpur again only to fly north to Osaka, Japan hours later. For the next month I hang around Japan, likely hitchhiking my way from Osaka to Tokyo and then back again because I leave Japan from Osaka. Japan will be my biggest budget challenge so far but hopefully I will handle it well. So then in late April I leave from Osaka to Perth, Australia via another short stop in Kuala Lumpur. Once in Australia I begin my by-land trek of the country while at the same time deciding were to stop and work so that my bank account stops going in the wrong direction.

Well that is my plan from today until May 1st, 2012 so I’ve got a busy 4 months ahead of me that I’m sure will be interesting. I will keep the site updated and hopefully will have a renewed view of travel after this little vacation I am currently doing. Now a post without pictures doesn’t feel the same so I have found some pictures of me in front of things that I previously disliked but have decided are not horrible so I posted them on my Flickr account, I will show them here so you can decide if I should have left them in the garbage.

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