Day 343 (Koh Phi Phi, Thailand)

LI finished my time in Goa several weeks ago and moved on to New Delhi for over a week. I decided to stay at a hostel for a bit more money so that I could meet some people and just hang out a bit. I met many people and did many thing during my stay there. It was actually very cold for the first few days in Delhi so I decided to buy a nice hoodie that will last for the rest of my trip hopefully. While in Delhi I went to most of the main attractions and went back to eating local Indian food for a while which sadly might have made me sick up until right now. The metro in Delhi is great for getting around and I highly recommend it as one of the cleanest and most organized things in India.

TI also got a new tattoo while in India on my left foot. It’s of an Iceland Rune called a Vegvisir and it hurt quite a bit getting it on my foot. It turned out like I wanted but it’s hard to get a picture of it with the lines straight as the skin on my foot stretches a lot, also I might have preferred it a bit smaller but oh well, I don’t mind much on my feet anyway. I will likely get some tiny birds around the tattoo eventually. My next major one will likely be in Japan and may be some symbols in Kanji on my left rib under my arm. I will do more research once in Japan. I also finished my 7 weeks of Muay Thai classes and am very eager to keep going with the training. So when I get to working in Australia I will be signing up for classes right away. I figure after 3-4 months of classes I will be in really good shape.

HI met another Canadian who had been traveling with me for a few days all the way from India to Thailand where I am now. We went separate ways after Bangkok after we both got our Vietnam visas. While in Bangkok I got a lot of new clothing such as all new shirts, socks and underwear. I also replaced my old towel with a bigger one that actually fits my entire body. I am going back to Bangkok in a few days for a 1-2 day stop over before making my way to my last stop in Thailand called Chiang Mai. While back there I may get my Laos visa and will try and buy a shirt that I wanted last week but they didn’t have in stock.

KI was just in Koh Pha Ngan for the last few days and did a lot of partying as it was the time of the Full Moon Party. I met some people from my hostel and hung out with them mostly. I didn’t take any pictures as I was worried my camera may get stolen but some people did and if I find them on Facebook I will post those pictures. After the main party on the 7th I stayed up all night and took the morning boat-bus-boat to Koh Phi Phi. I have only been here for a day but it looks nice and I am looking forward to visiting Maya Bay which is the beach from the movie “The Beach”. During my time in Thailand I have sadly lost over $80 in bad decisions and scams but it’s all a learning experience and I am getting better at South East Asia everyday. I had gotten used to the much cheaper prices in India but I have been told Laos and Vietnam should be cheaper so we will see.

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