Day 391 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

PWell it’s been an exciting and interesting month. After Siem Reap I moved onto Phnom Penh to catch my flight to Kuala Lumpur. I stayed in Phnom Penh for a few days but didn’t really do much of anything except one night out with a German guy. I really enjoyed my time walking around KL (Kuala Lumpur) and met some really awesome people in the city and at my hostel. It was a lot of days of drinking and partying which I usually don’t let occupy my entire time in a city but in KL it basically did, except a short stop over to watch a movie at Petronas Towers. I really did enjoy exploring KL on foot as it’s a beautiful city to get lost in. The monorail is a nice transportation system, the prices are reasonably close to Thailand’s prices and the alcohol at KK-Mart is cheap.

MMy next stop was Singapore for a week which ended up being similar to my KL visit in that it was dominated by partying. I mostly hung out on Read Bridge in the Clarke’s Quay area as it’s cheaper to just drink some 7-11 beer on the bridge than attempt to visit the super expensive clubs. My hostel was completely empty for most of my time except for the last few days in which I hung out with some German guys who were really fun to go sightseeing with. In 1 day we did most of the main free touristy things in Singapore and by night we hung out on the bridge.

NAfter that I flew to Jakarta which was a mixed bag of boring for me mostly. Again I started with an almost empty hostel but still managed to find some people to go to a club called Stadium with. I went there 2 nights in a row and it’s the kind of club that I need to be drunk in to enjoy so my second time through I was pretty drunk and had a great time, first visit though was disappointing and short. I attempted some sightseeing with an American and we walked for many hours around Jakarta’s main strip. It was mostly uneventful and besides the nightlife I found no redeeming qualities for Jakarta.

After that I was suppose to go to Bali as I had the plane ticket to and fro but last minute I decided I was done with the month long partying and wanted to rest and relax back in KL before my trip to Japan. I also really wanted to visit some friends I had met on my first stop in KL. I lost some money on those tickets but it was well worth it and it’s a lesson for me to not book so many tickets in advance, even if it looks like a good price, it’s not worth being locked into any kind of schedule. I will be in KL for another 4 days before my flight to Japan where I will be visiting for a month before flying back to KL. At that point I may or may not stay in KL longer and visit friends, if so I will forfeit my Australia plane ticket and need to book a new one within 90 days when my new Malaysia visa will once again expire.

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