Day 488 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

AI’m sorry for not posting in over 2 months. I was living with my girlfriend after my Japan trip. She just went back to her home country yesterday as she is now done schooling in Malaysia. I am also leaving Malaysia today for Australia to begin working my bank account in the other direction and hopefully getting in better physical shape. I had a great final week in Japan going to the fish market and hanging out with a cool couch surfer in Osaka who had lots of good friends and things to do. I miss Japan as a place but it was very expensive and the weather was not great during my visit. I would love to go back someday during summer and spend more time outside the big cities. I was in a bit of a travel low during parts of my Japan trip, partly because of the weather, but still I made some good friends and had a good times.

RThis last week my girlfriend and I went to Langkawi which is a beach resort type of island with lots of fun things to do. We rented a scooter and stayed at a fancy hotel near the airport. We had a really great time and it was a great ending to our time in Malaysia. We also took a day trip to Genting the week before Langkawi and did some bowling which I enjoyed. We had been rather busy before and during this time because there was a bit of work required to move her out of her apartment and sell all of her old furniture. I’ve moved houses many times in my life so it was easy to do and I hope I was able to help her move more smoothly and with less stress. The food in Malaysia that we ate was mostly Western cuisine but it was all very good and is a big reason why I need to get to working out again to get into better shape.

I don’t have any accommodations or a job setup in Australia yet so that along with my lack of a tax or phone number means I have my work cut out for me once I arrive. I am not going to worry and will just take it one step at a time. I have enough money to go jobless for a month or 2 in Perth so it’s not exactly an emergency.

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