Day 509 (Perth, Australia)

KI have arrived in Perth! It took over 16 months of travel to get to Australia which was decided as my rest stop since before I started this trip. I am here to live on and off for the next 10-12 months. I have a Working Holiday Visa which I am now using as I attempt to find a job which has been difficult but I have only been trying for 2 weeks so I have a good feeling about this upcoming week showing some results. I moved into a room share with 8 other people in a very nice new apartment in the center of the city. It is actually not very crowded for 9 people living in a 3 bedroom apartment as everyone works so I see them rarely. I’ve also got a SIM card (Vodafone), bank account (Westpac) and tax file number.

KMy plan is to find a job very soon (before August) and work until November at which time I am planning to visit my girlfriend in the Cardiff until after New Years. At which point I will come back to Australia and work again, possibly for a bit longer this time and possibly in a different city. Then travel Australia for the remaining 1-2 months of my visa before making my way back to Canada slowly via the States. I have also started a diet and exercise program that I am hoping will yield great results before I fly to the UK. If it works the way I want I will definitely post my results on the blog. I am confident things will work out and if so then when I arrive back in Canada I should have enough money to fund my South America trip as well.

Besides job hunting I have barely done anything in Perth. My first week here was in a hostel and I made some friends that I have gone and seen on the weekends. Also my roommate and I went to a wildlife park outside of Perth that lets you pet Koala’s and play with Kangaroo’s. It’s actually a very nice place and it was well worth the trip. I had my roller blades shipped here to Perth from Canada and plan to do some more roller blading once the weather warms up and I am in better shape. I will do a post in a few weeks with the progress of both my job hunt and fitness plan.

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