Day 568 (Perth, Australia)

OWell things have not gone as well in Perth as I had hoped. I was looking for a job in my field that I have skill in and I have not had any luck. Most jobs on offer are 3-6 month contracts which would be perfect for my visa but I found out quickly that the companies offering those jobs want people that they can bring on permanently after the contract ends which my visa does not include. I got a job in early August as a glassie/busboy for a nice restaurant downtown but even then the hours were horrible and have yet to change. Also things at my apartment are tense most days because my roommates and I don’t get along which is too bad but they are mostly Chinese and keep to there own group exclusively.

With all that in mind, I decided recently to leave Perth and try my luck somewhere else. I will be visiting Melbourne on October 3rd and from there going to Sydney. I gave my 2 week notice at work and at my apartment recently and I will be leaving Perth in less than 12 days which I am very excited about. I did eventually make some friends with my co-workers but the job is very demanding and it’s made socializing difficult. Also my lack of money has made going out and having fun harder. But still I had some good times here and I will miss a few people that I hope to see again someday.

My weight loss is still going great except I was sick last week and the job hours have been getting to me so September has been a bit more slack than July-August were for my diet and working out. Still I have lost roughly 12 lbs and currently weigh 149 lb which is the lowest I have been in a very very long time. My final weight goal is around 143-145 lb before I start to focus on building muscle and increasing endurance. I hope to get down to that before Halloween, and hopefully get a tan on some of the beaches in the near future.

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