Finding Happiness

TThis is by no means a how-to on the subject of becoming happy as anyone who has known me long enough can attest that I’m not the picture of a stable happy person. I am happy and most of the times it even looks that way. But the idea of sustained happiness with whatever circumstances I happen to be in has never been my reality. I’m not sure if some people are meant to be seekers of happiness while others find it under every rock, I think I’m somewhere in the middle which is fine with me. I just have to remind myself when things go the other way that I can always change my circumstances in life.

Now talking about all this happiness fulfillment can be quite depressing if we picture that those without are unhappy, but the happiness I’m talking about is a kind of contentment with the situation at hand. And maybe that’s a foolish happiness for a person like me to even be searching for. Maybe that feeling of wanting to “move on” so to speak is something to be embraced and not fought. I’ve decided recently to embrace it again and will be changing my situation in life over the coming few weeks. I had got back into a “comfortable rut” as I call it. Perfectly sustainable and boring. I have a job working 1-3 hours a day making good money, a car and gas paid for me, a nice place with a great location and nice weather in my hometown. But like most situations in my life it eventually turns into a gilded cage in my eyes and that leads to an uncomfortable feeling of being “trapped”.

I’m not sure if my situation is a not unfamiliar look into a nomadic mindset, or if it’s something more sinister that needs to be dealt with head on rather than by what some would call “running away”. Whichever it is, travel has never let me down and I’d rather build up the bricks of a life I want then cement in the bricks of a life of convenience and comfort.

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