Hello San Francisco!

GI’m back on the road! This time I have gone West to San Francisco, California. Also I took a plane this time instead of that horrifying 60 hour bus trek East on my last trip. My friend Jessy picked me up at the airport on the 3rd and showed me around the town right away before dropping me off with my Couch Surfing host for the first 2 days. Adam was a friendly host and we had a good time together, I got to check out a programming event right away and had some amazing Chicago style pizza for free. The next day was a Couch Surfing meeting with over 150 people which again was a lot of fun, although a bit too loud for a CS meeting I felt. After those 2 days and up until the 23rd I will be staying with my friend Jessy who picked me up at the airport. She lives in a great part of SF and I have had an amazing time hanging out with her.

Within the first week I had already done a job which had me getting paid $75 for 15 minutes of looking at a screen and pressing a button while wearing an EEG cap. I’ve also managed to arrange a great monthly phone plan and setup my hostel job to start on the 23rd which is the most amazing thing. That job will see me through December with a free place to stay in exchange for a few hours helping out each day around the hostel. I’ve always enjoyed living in hostels so I think this will work amazingly. It’s rated #1 in SF and is also in a great location within the city. I’ve been doing a lot of walking around as well which is slowly getting me familiarized with the city.

GJessy has been an amazing host and friend and has been great at showing me around her city. We have done so many things it’s hard to keep track of them all. We’ve gone to the beach, checked out a red wood forest, gone to a baseball game which was a lot of fun and we even went to the golf driving range yesterday. She will be leaving for school on the 19th so I will be back on my own for a bit before I move into the hostel and start meeting tons of people. Also I have hung out with Adam again since our CS meeting and I hope to hang out more as I consider him a friend in the city now.

I’ve been having a great time and this city has treated me very very well so far. I’ll keep everyone posted on news and how the hostel job goes in the next few weeks.

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