First month in SF

SIt feels good to have a month of “travel” under my belt again. It’s not like the 20 months I had last trip, but it feels similar. Getting back to the travelers life has been a smooth and happy transition. I’ve had a cold this week which has slowed down everything I’ve done recently but still it’s been a good week. Last time I posted I was still living with my awesome friend/host in SF, she has since moved away and I have moved into my hostel job nicely. It’s my 2nd week working at the hostel and I’ve been having a good time and fitting in well I feel. Living in a hostel is interesting, although my staff dorm room with only me in it hardly feels like a hostel, maybe more like a college dorm (I assume). I work 24 hours a week in 4 hour shifts and for that I get to stay at the hostel with free internet, laundry, accommodations, breakfast, food, alchohol, etc. which is a good deal I think, especially seeing as hostels in SF are easily $45-50/night.

RI’ve done a lot of little outings to things like America’s Cup, Folsom Street Fair and Sumo Wrestling. San Francisco always has something going on it seems. I’ve also kept up with those focus group and study jobs that I’ve been finding on Craigslist. They are at legitimate places like UCSF or Nielsen. I did one today that paid $150 for less than 30 minutes of work. The UCSF one will hopefully have me doing an MRI, genetic testing and a meeting with a psychiatrist for which they will pay me $260, hopefully. I don’t like to get my hopes up on these side jobs as they are never a guarantee and I do them mostly for fun, although the money helps.

DMy plans for the near future are to stay with my job at the hostel. I am handing out brochures this week in exchange for some time in a sensory deprivation tank which could be a very interesting experience. I really am undecided on what to do next but I may leave sooner than January for a new city. I’d like to move to LA and work at a hostel there for a while before moving onto South America. It will depend how my money is by then, I have money coming in and going out always so it can be hard to keep track of all that with no consistent money coming in, but that’s fine with me, keeps things open/free. For anyone interested, I have spent $978.23 CAD in my 30 days in San Francisco. In those 30 days I haven’t skimped at all. I hope to get this down to $600-800 in October as I bought things often that I did not need but I budget well so wasn’t worried. I would like to show on this trip that the world can be traveled for under $15,000 CAD / year. If I can show that and if people like the way I travel and feel safe with it, then hopefully they can realize there dreams of traveling.

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