Ah, San Francisco…

OIt’s been a while since my last post and a lot has happened. In my last post I was happily working at USA hostels with the plan to stay for a while because it was a good setup. That didn’t pan out as I got told I “wasn’t a good fit” and had to leave. That sucked but it was for the best because that kind of work was making me unhappy and the staff changed far too often. After that I moved to a hostel called Adelaide which I attempted to get a job at but after 3-4 weeks of trying I have given up on that idea. The delay in getting a job at Adelaide may have been a good thing because it’s allowed me to pursue my own business as a computer service technician, posting my services online and then doing on-site/in-home service. So far I’ve only had 4 customers in 2 weeks, but I’ve got some business cards coming and I plan on doing a lot more advertising work in the future, also I am banking on word of mouth catching on once I have 10-20 jobs done.

BI’ve still been exploring San Francisco on a regular basis. I also still do side jobs like research studies. In mid-October I did a video for a watch company where they took live scorpions, snakes, cockroaches & tarantulas and put them all over my body while measuring my heart rate. Sadly my video wasn’t picked to be in there main promotion, but I still got paid and it was a new experience. I finished my UCSF study and had my MRI done, they will mail me a full DVD of pictures of my brain in late December I was told. My new job has given me much more free time in the city so I am trying to decide how best to use it. I don’t have many plans for the next little while, there is so many things going on in the city that just being here can keep me busy. I’ve now lived at 3 different addresses on Post Street which is nice because now when I walk from my current residents in the 800 block down to Union Square via Post I always run into people I know from the 700 and 600 blocks where I lived before.

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  1. Gail Edgar 26 November 2013 at 2:30 PM #

    Happy Birthday. Dustin! I’m not on any social media anymore and am not sure if you have the same email. So I am hoping you get this message on the day. You are obviously quite inspiring to a lot of people with being so brave and taking your journeys. Thank goodness you are chronicling them! The good, the not so good, all of it! I hope you are able to do something great out there for your birthday! Take care!! Gail (Oshawa, ON)

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