I’m off to Colombia!

UHello again, another 2 months have passed and things are changing once again. I’m still living in the 800 block of Post which I moved to in November but my rents up on February 11th and that same day I’m flying to Colombia. Doing some searching online I was able to get a flight from SFO to FLL for $144.90 then FLL to MDE (Medellin, Colombia) for only $97.19 which is pretty good for 2,259 km’s. I’ve arranged to teach English for 6 weeks as well as take Spanish classes and several other opportunities that I am really looking forward to. That doesn’t start until March 1st though so I will have almost 3 weeks in the city to explore. I’ve already setup a few CouchSurfers and I may check out a hostel while there as well.

SAs for what I have been up to for the past 2 months in SF, not much. I’ve kept exploring the city, walking for 5+ hours some days in any direction. I didn’t do very much for my birthday, Christmas or New Years but that’s fine as I have not really been in the mood for big celebrations lately anyway. I’m actually kind of glad that my time in SF is almost up, it’s a nice city and maybe I will live here one day, but if I do it won’t be the way I am living here now, I would need to set down roots and really make a go of building a different life here, which just isn’t something I am interested in right now. I will have spent 162 days in SF by the time I leave which is much more time then I expected I would spend here. My computer repair business has slowed down drastically since my last post but that’s fine as it was just a side job and I want it to stay as such. I still do studies/focus groups and managed to be involved in 5+ new ones since my last post.

Here is a video I made from the MRI DVD I was waiting for in my last post. It’s my brain scan that I got for free from the UCSF for being part of a research study for which I was paid for. I added the ominous music in YouTube.

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