Hola Colombia!!!

MI arrived 6 days ago here in Medellin and it’s been relatively busy days. I’ve already stayed with 2 Couch Surfers for 3 days each and am now at a hostel for the next 11 days. From there I will be moving to Amaga where I will be teaching English to 7-12 year old’s for 6 weeks, 1 hour per day, 5 days a week. During my stay I will also attempt to eat vegetarian, learn about permaculture and will be taking intensive Spanish immersion classes. My current Spanish is abysmal and I haven’t communicated once in Spanish correctly yet. My vocabulary is about 10 words, maybe 20 but I couldn’t recall them all on the spot so really it’s less. It will be good to go back and read this after I have done my classes and see how much I’ve improved, hopefully a lot. This is my first time really trying to learn another language, I don’t count French as it was during school which I paid very little attention during. If I could go back I would have tried to get more out of the classes, but that’s partly the teachers/schools fault for letting so many students remain unmotivated.

MI’ve already taken the free walking tour which was very good, except for a short hour of rain where we had to find shelter, but our guide had some good stories so it was fun. I didn’t give him much of a tip and I rarely do but that has more to do with my budgeting then the guides performance. I give good reviews on TripAdvisor and recommend the tours to others so that’s how I contribute. I’ve learned how to use the metro which is very clean and works well here. I took the MetroCable car which is quite famous here all the way up the mountains to Parque Arvi but I did not go outside as I wasn’t in the mood to tour the area and was more interested in the ride itself and the view of the city.

VI haven’t decided what I will do for the rest of my time in Medellin, likely I will practice my Spanish and socialize, go to some Couch Surfing events, just try and relax and prepare for my 6 weeks in Amaga. After that I am unsure what I will do. If my Spanish is better and my English teaching went well, then I may try and find work teaching English as I really do need money to continue my travels. I could find other work I suppose and may go that route, I want to explore all of South America and the only thing really stopping me is finances. It doesn’t cost much to travel the world but it does cost something. I’d be happy if every year $12,000 USD just appeared in my bank account, I could travel the whole world on that. But sadly that doesn’t happen so until then I will have to find ways of funding my travels.

Goodbye for now, I’ll keep everyone posted on my Colombia adventures. :-)

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