Ciao Colombia!

GAh Colombia, more ups then downs for sure. I met some great people at the hostel in Medellin while I was there and hope to see them again somewhere in the world. Then after that I began my work at the Eco Hostel in Medellin. It was suppose to last for 6 weeks but things didn’t work out so I ended up leaving after 3 weeks which is for the best I think because my Spanish was not moving forward fast enough for where the lessons were going. I’m going to keep practicing it though and I think after 6 months in South America there will be a big improvement in my ability to speak, understand and think in Spanish. I met some cool people in Amaga such as a gardener named Murisio (Probably spelt this wrong) who is also a juggler and tattoo artist. I ended up getting a tattoo from him while I was staying there which I liked and it was cool to get a tattoo from a friend of something I liked.

MI ended up leaving Amaga rather abruptly so my plans have been forming for my future in South America over the past 12 hours. I’ve decided to leave Amaga/Medellin and took a night bus last night to Cali where I am writing this post from. The hostel I am staying in is $12/night and one of the best ones I have ever been to actually. It has a pool, movie room, free yoga/salsa classes daily, it’s very nice. I also plan to CouchSurf this Sunday and meet up with a friend in the area today or tomorrow. After Cali I am going to meet with my cousin Chad and his friend/host Willak in a town called Otavalo in Ecuador. I may stay there until early April so for 2-3 weeks most likely. It should be very awesome, Chad lived with me in Saskatoon for a month or 2 so we get along well and it will be a great experience. Makes me glad that things worked out how they did in Amaga because I would have missed this opportunity otherwise.

CAfter that Chad was saying that Willak may show us around Ecuador and Peru but if that doesn’t work out then I will go around those places on my own or with Chad for a bit as I really wanna go to Machu Picchu before leaving South America. I think I will stay past Peru also and maybe go to Bolivia, Chile, Brazil, Argentina at least, possibly more countries but I want to see how things work out in the job/money front because right now I am very low and mostly living on credit and money I get from web hosting or GST refunds which is not enough to live on for long. I will look at job opportunities in the coming weeks on HelpX/WorkAway and hopefully this time it will turn out better then my last 2 experiences with HelpX which both ended abruptly. I think there is something about volunteering that makes the chances of that kinda thing happening more likely.

I’ll keep everyone posted on FB/Flickr & this blog. Thanks for following and supporting me everyone. :-)

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