¿Hola Colombia?

MWell I’m back in Colombia! Haha. I’ve been pulled back by an amazing girl, a chance to take a break in a beautiful city and to see where my future takes me. Cali was a nice place and the hostel was a lot of fun as they had a fire show and I made some good friends there. One of the people I met there I ended up traveling with through Popayan, Ipiales and eventually to Otavalo in Ecuador where we hung out for a few days and checked out a volcano, waterfall and the famous Saturday market. After that we parted ways and I went to live with Chad for a few days at his friend Willak’s. I had a great time there as there were many traditional things to be seen. The second night had an authentic Ecuadorian ceremony with 8 visiting professors from America and the night after had a full out 100+ people wedding where I got to learn the drinking customs more personally.

It’s been a lot of bus travel recently to get from Cali to Otavalo to Medellin but it’s all been worth it and I have had some great experiences along the way. Eco Hostel is but a memory now and I still remember the good times I had there and have been able to slightly improve my Spanish since, although my Spanish is still very basic. Now I am thinking about finding a place to stay here for an uncertain amount of time. My visa allows me 90 days but it could be extended if needed. I will know more in the coming weeks as I get to know this place more and the amazing girl I mentioned at the beginning of this post. I love going with the moment so this fits perfectly into my philosophy of life right now. In fact I am going to get her lips tattoo’d on my waist in 2 hours and I couldn’t be happier about it. (I’ve since got it and it’s posted on the next paragraph)

MAt some point I want to resume my South America travels which I have had time recently to plan out in detail. The basic plan in exhausting detail goes as follows. From Medellin at some point I would like to take a bus to Bogota and see what the capitol of Colombia is like and how it differs from Medellin. Then I will make my way back to Ecuador but this time right to the capitol of Quito where I intend to check out the sights including the middle of the world as it’s called which is the dividing line of the Equator at exactly 0 latitude I believe. It will be nice as I have already been to the timezone line so this is like the other intersection in our Earth, a more scientific one. After that I will make my way to Peru to visit Lima and Cusco and of course Machu Pichu. That will take a week or so and from there I want to visit Bolivia to see Lake Titicaca and the famous picturesque salt flats. All trips mentioned so far and those to follow will be by bus which usually costs $30-$80 per trip here in South America and anywhere from 5-40 hours. Next up is Chile which I wanted to go to in order to visit Easter Island but it’s not very economical right now so instead I will just check out Santiago and do some touristy stuff there for 4-7 days. Then I will make my way through Argentina, stopping in Mendoza to break up the trip to Buenos Aires where I will again be a tourist and maybe spend a week. Once I’m done there I was going to visit the famous Iguazu Falls but again it’s not worth it financially and I can always see it next time I am in this part of the world, so I will take a ferry/bus to Uruguay’s capitol of Montevideo which looks expensive but nice and worth the stopover as it’s very near city wise. Finally in South America I will make my way North through Brazil, stopping in Sao Paulo and Rio for 1-2 weeks and of course seeing Christ the Redeemer. Then I will fly back to Canada possibly if the timing works out for my mothers wedding. If it ends up being past July when I arrive in Brazil then I will miss her wedding (sorry mom) which is too bad but it’s very hard to plan timing with so many variables and money doesn’t allow me to fly back and forth easily. If I fly back I will go through Panama possibly as it’s basically the same price for the flight and it will give me a chance to hit country #50, assuming all my other country plans work out. So that’s my plan for now, it will change but like one of my first posts on this blog in which I planned my travel, it’s a good base line to work from. Goodbye for now.

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