Gringo en Envigado

MI’ll start this post with some good news bad news stuff, my laptop has been dead since the beginning of April and I am doing this post on my phone, that’s the bad news, the good is that my laptop is under warranty and I MAY ship it back to Canada to get repaired but I’ve been doing okay with just my phone for over a month now so I may just wait to get it repaired when I am back in Canada which will be before November I believe, I got this laptop in January.

I’ve been having a good time here living in Medellin, although I technically live in a city called Envigado but there are subway stops on the Medellin metro that are much further away then Envigado is, so its like a suburb. I’ve been living in a house with a Swiss guy, Norwegian girl, Bolivian guy, English girl and my Colombian girlfriend and me. My timeline for continuing my South America travels is still not clear but it may be in June depending on a few factors.

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