Back on the Road

QA lot has happened since my last post, I did indeed start my South America travels back up in June and am typing this message from my Couch Surfing hosts computer in Quito, Ecuador. I just spent the last 4 days here checking out the sites which included going to Mitad del Mundo which is a monument on the equatorial line. I also managed to fit in a walking tour and an interview about Couch Surfing with some friends of my current host who happens to be in the television business here in Ecuador. The bus to get here took nearly 30 hours which was a bit draining but I enjoyed it because the first 24 hours of the trip in Colombia the bus had WiFi and power which is very rare.

AMy next stop is Lima, Peru which I am leaving on a bus for today at 5 PM. That bus will take even longer as I have been told it should take 38 hours and I think that assumes no delays which is unlikely. I have sent some Couch Surfing requests for Lima but at the time of writing this have still not had any responses. But I still have almost 48 hours to find a host before I arrive so I am not worried and if I must I can find a reasonably priced hostel quite easily.

MThis post will be missing a few photos for a little bit because I can’t manage to connect my camera to my hosts Mac and my laptop sadly is still very much a brick. I have decided to just carry it along with me until I return to Canada at which point I will immediately send it in for warranty without having to pay the $75+ shipping fees. Another little issue I had recently is that I forgot my bank card in an ATM at the bus terminal in Medellin and it took my card, never to be seen again. But luckily I managed to get TD Canada to wave all cash advance fees and interest on my credit card until a new card arrives so that is a good temporary solution.

After staying in Lima for 3-5 days I plan to move on to Cusco to visit the most exciting attraction of my trip so far, Machu Picchu. Peru will be my 44th country visited and right after Cusco I will be making it to country 45 as I visit La Paz, Bolivia to see the worlds largest salt flats Salar de Uyuni. I also might go to Lake Titicaca depending on how easy and affordable it is.

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