Lima, Peru (Day 286)

WMy travels in South America are going well, the bus trips have been long but I dont mind and my Couch Surfing hosts have been really cool. I stayed in Quito for 4 days before taking a 39 hour bus ride to Lima where I will be for 1 more day before taking a 20 hour night bus to Cusco which will have me going from 0 feet above sea level all the way to 11,500 feet above sea level. My host, his 2 American guests and myself went around the city yesterday and checked out a really cool water fountain / laser show. Today I checked out the posh area called Miraflores which is right by the South Pacific ocean and bought my bus ticket for Wednesday afternoon.

Things have been very cheap here in Peru, most meals have cost me 8 to 10 sole which is only $2.50 to $3.50 CAD. Ecuador was also very cheap and I only spent $3 to $5 for a meal. Local transport has been cheap in both cities, only costing $0.50 to go anywhere. Buses between cities has been the biggest expense at roughly $30 to $50 per trip but that is pretty good for 20 to 40 hour bus rides. Accomidations since leaving Medellin have been $0 because I have CouchSurfed and taken night buses only. I have sent some requests for Cusco and think I will hopefully have a host before arriving.

WI am looking forward to Cusco very much and have quite a few things planned while there. The day I arrive is Corpus Christi, the next day I plan to do the free city walking tour, the day after that Machu Piccu which is one of the top things on my to do list for South America, then a day of relaxing and checking things out in the city that I find on TripAdvisor, then San Juan which is an event before my final event Inti Raymi on the 24th of June. I hope to take a night bus on the 25th to La Paz, Bolivia and begin the Bolivia portion of my South America trip.

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