Cusco, Peru

AI’m currently in a hostel here in Cusco called Loki which is renowned party hostel that has been living up to it’s name. I took a bus 23 hour on the 18th here from Lima and although it was shorter then the 2 previous bus trips I found it the least comfortable as my seat was not well built. I am staying here in Cusco until the 25th and then going to La Paz, Bolivia by 15 hour (hopefully) bus. I managed to see Machu Picchu on my 2nd day here after organizing it all myself and doing lots of reading so that I was sure how it works. This has been the most expensive attraction I have visited so far, mostly because of a 90 minute train ride from Ollantaytambo to Aguascalientes which costs $55+ one-way. After that I took a 60 minute walk up many stairs to finally arrive at the ruins. I am still very sore from this hike and will likely just rest today before doing the free hostel walking tour tomorrow. They have a tattoo artist doing tattoo’s at the hostel tonight and I am kind of considering getting one but not sure yet, will see.

TAn update to my future travel plans, I was looking at flights to get back to Canada yesterday from my last destination in South America which will be Brazil, and I found that I can fly from Sao Paulo to Havana, Cuba for cheaper then my original plan of flying to Panama. I will know for sure in August when I book the flights back but as of right now it’s what I want to do. I would stay in Cuba for roughly a week then fly to Montreal where I will also likely stay for a week as I have never visited French Canada and it would be a lot of fun. Then I will take a Greyhound bus back to Saskatoon which will take forever likely but shouldn’t cost more than $150, I hope. My next post I will hopefully of visited Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia and might even be in San Pedro de Atacama in Chile where I hope to get the most amazing view of the night sky I have ever had, which is actually something on my bucket list, to see the Milky Way in all its brilliance.

Also I got a tattoo the night I wrote this post as my hostel was having a tattoo night in which local artists setup a station and do somewhat cheap (100 Soles) tattoo’s. It’s a very just a simple arrow but I like it. Fits well with my other ones.

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