Santiago, Chile (Day 307)

MWell it’s been a couple weeks so it’s time for another post. Since leaving the very loud Loki hostel I moved on to La Paz, Bolivia and a not quite as loud hostel called Wild Rover. I did the walking tour and checked out the Witches’ Market between World Cup games which have been a staple of focus for many locals in the cities I have been in recently. Right now I am cheering for Argentina because I will be in there capitol of Buenos Aires this Friday I hope, they could make it to the finals I think. Right now I am relaxing after a afternoon of walking around Santiago, Chile. The day before I was enjoying a July 4th party in Vaparaiso, Chile which is a very cool city where I met some awesome people and had a fun/late evening there. I sent a couch surfing request here for Santiago and found a host but due to some schedule issues I ended up staying in on of the hostels he owns for free, which is a pretty awesome alternative. He will be gone now till Wednesday which is also the weekly CS party that he runs so we will hang out more then before I take the bus East to Argentina.

CI also went to Salar de Uyuni while I was in Bolivia, after La Paz. I did the 3 day tour because it had everything organized for me for a cheap enough price and ended in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile which is where I wanted to go anyway to do the star gazing tour which I enjoyed quite a bit. I got to see Saturn through the telescope and I saw it’s rings which I have never actually seen before. Also had a good glow of the Milky Way but not quite as colorful as I was hoping it would be, I will have to keep searching for that perfect Milky Way place/night. Things here in Chile are much more expensive then my previous South American countries but it’s a very beautiful city and I won’t be here too long so it’s fine. I will likely do the free wine night at my hostel tonight and then a walking tour tomorrow followed by a night out perhaps. Will keep everyone posted on my travels on here and FB/Flickr as always.

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