Florianopolis, Brazil (Day 321)

MWell its been a few weeks since my last post and they have been very enjoyable weeks indeed. After Santiago I took a bus to Buenos Aires in Argentina where I CouchSurfered with a cool father & son host. The father had a busy week but I got to do lots of fun things with his son Federico, including wall climbing at Technopolis and seeing the final match of the World Cup between Argentina and Germany downtown. It ended in a bit of rioting sadly when Argentina lost and I left a little early. I also hung out with other CS’ers a few times and their friends which was a lot of fun, including playing some CoD and going to a club at 4 AM.

FNow when I started writing this post I was on my 2nd day in Montevideo, but my host at the time pointed out to me that international buses to Brazil left only on a few days a week and so I decided that day to pack up and keep moving toward Brazil. I didn’t get a lot of time in Uruguay but my day in Montevideo was active and I got to see quite a bit of it. Now I am writing this post on a bus with WiFi which I think is the first time I’ve done a travel post while on a bus. While in Buenos Aires I got my Brazil visa which was actually quite easy to get, it cost me around $115 CAD and took only 1 day for the consulate to process. I had followed a few blog posts online and prepared many documents but all they really wanted was my bank statement and an address in Argentina which I made up.

MI will be in Brazil for 3 weeks before flying to Havana, Cuba on August 14th. I already bought the tickets a few days ago, including the ticket out of Havana 8 days later for Montreal. That’s right, I’m coming back home! I should be back in September at some point. I’m going to spend some time in Montreal and Ottawa and may even stop in Winnipeg if time works out. I will have been gone over 365 days by the time I get back which will mean another 1 year of travel milestone which is always fun to get to. I booked a hostel here in Florianopolis for 2 days before I will bus to Rio where I may CouchSurf for a week or hostel or a mix, not sure yet. I plan to see Christ the Redeemer within the first few days of arriving. Then I will bus to Sao Paulo for 2 weeks where I will be spending a week with a lovely girl I met in Santiago who actually decided to fly to Brazil and get a hotel to spend more time with me, which is very flattering and we will have a great week. Thanks for reading, more posts to come.

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