Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Day 329)

MFlorianopolis was a fun time, ran into some Canadians and had some good BBQ. I can’t understand a word of Portuguese but I can read a bit of it because it has some similarities to Spanish. Been in Rio for 5 days now and in my 2nd hostel after deciding to mix it up a bit here. Brazil is pretty cool but I am still getting over a cold so that has been my main focus the last couple days. Went to a football match with some Brits that was a lot of fun at a very large arena. It rained the last 3 days so that has also put a damper on my outings. On my first few hours here I decided to see Christ the Redeemer because I couldn’t check-in at my hostel for another 4 hours. It was nice to see but smaller then I expected and very busy. The better part of that trip was the view of Rio you get up there.

VI am finally getting some laundry done after waiting almost 3 weeks to do it which is pretty long for me in South America, but the opportunities have been slim until now. I have booked my flights all the way back to Saskatoon now which will be on September 3rd which will be exactly 1 year from the day I left. I will be in Sao Paulo in 2 days for 2 weeks before flying to Havana for 8 days. Then I fly to Montreal for 8 days and bus to Ottawa for 4 days before flying back home. I am sure I will have a few more posts before I make it home so I will keep everyone posted on anything new. Ciao for now.

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