Sao Paulo, Brazil (Day 342)

MMy last few days in Rio were uneventful as I prepared to leave for Sao Paulo. It was a nice short bus trip and the city has been very nice and easy to navigate. It doesn’t have much of a center so I have been going all over the city this past 10 days. I stayed at a really chill hostel on my first night with some cool people. Then spent the next night in the international airport waiting for my amazing friend to arrive so we could have a week here in the city. She rented us an AirBnB apartment in the East side and it was a perfect 8 days with her. Every day was great and she is such an awesome person. I hope to see her again soon but for now I need to make my way back to Canada and pay off some of this debt that has been adding up ever since leaving San Francisco.

MDuring our week together we had nice picnics in parks, went to an art museum, walked around many parts of the city and checked out a few nice markets. Also we spent a lot of time hanging out around our apartment, ordering pizza and just enjoying each others company. She has since gone back to Santiago, Chile and I am in a new hostel for my last 3 days here before flying to Havana, Cuba. My flight is actually on the 14th around 3-4 AM so I will spend the night of the 13th at the airport because it’s just much easier. I plan to go to a CS meeting tomorrow that has 60+ people signed up so hopefully at least 15 show up and it will be a fun time. I may not have much internet in Cuba because it’s very lacking there so my next post may be from Montreal which is my next stop after Cuba. I have CouchSurfers setup for my week in Montreal and hope to have the same in Ottawa before I arrive. Goodbye for now. :-)

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