Havana, Cuba (Day 352)

II’m writing this blog post while still in Havana, Cuba because I’m very bored and hot. The heat here has been crippling the entire time with short reprieves each evening when the A/C in my room is turned on, which was advertised being from 10PM-10AM but is closer to 11PM-9AM because the hostel owners wanna save a few centevos. One of several little money taking techniques my hostel has been pulling on its guests. I haven’t had internet the entire time except for a few minutes given to me by another guest as they were leaving Cuba. It costs anywhere from $4-10/hour for internet here and I am not interested in paying that much.

II’ve grown quite tired of being asked if I want to buy cigars or take a taxi or just being scammed and lied to in order to “win” a few CUC as a Cuban “friend” told me. CUC is the more expensive of the 2 overlapping currency present in Cuba, the other being CUP. Its an odd way to do currencies and opens the door to another scamming method for the unscrupulous populous of Havana. A week in Havana during the summer is more than enough and I will be happy to be back in Canada in less than 2 days.

II have had fun though as I was here for the last weekend of Carnival which was 3 evenings, 2 of which I got seat tickets and had a great time. The food that CUP gets you is quite cheap and even the meals you buy with CUC are usually decent quality for average prices. Buses here are cheaper then anywhere I have ever been at 1 CUP which is only $0.04 CAD. Although buses were free in Perth so I’m not counting that. I’ve also done a lot of walking which is the main thing to do in Havana. I’ve seen many old cars from the mid 50’s to early 60’s and taken a taxi ride in a few of them for 1 CUC ($1 CAD). Also had some nice Cuban rum and fake cigars for relatively cheap by Canadian standards.

IAs I write this I have exactly 2 weeks left till I land back in Saskatoon which means I’m also on week 50 of my trip. I have CS hosts setup for all of Montreal and Ottawa including an invite to a CS’ers birthday party on the 31st. Hopefully everything is still good to go with that because I have been out of contact with my Gmail, Facebook & CouchSurfing since arriving in Cuba on the 14th.

One last update that could change but as of right now feels like it will happen is that I have decided to move back to Santiago, Chile to be with the same girl that came to visit me in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She is very sweet and has invited me to live with her and learn Spanish from her. I hope to find a job there as well and I think it will be an interesting next step in my life. I am very much looking forward to it. I won’t leave Canada though until my debt is paid off and I have some money in my pocket so it will likely happen after the new year in early 2015. Wish me luck. :-D

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