Saskatoon, Canada

II am back home after 365 days on the road. I have been back in Saskatoon since September 3rd which is also the day I left a year ago. Even though I have only been back for 12 days I have already decided to leave again. I have fallen in love with my (hopefully) future wife who lives in Santiago, Chile. I am going to be moving into her apartment in downtown Santiago within 2 weeks, I am currently waiting for my new passport and my repaired laptop to be shipped back to me. I should have them both by the 24th and will fly out shortly after that. I intend to speak Spanish only with her and fully immerse myself in the language, which will hopefully have me being nearly fluent within 6 months (I hope). I’ve refreshed all my travel gear and will also bring a carry-on bag this time so I can bring more things with me because I will be living with her for at least 15 months (visa restrictions), likely longer.

IAfter leaving Havana I landed in Montreal and had a great 6 days with my CS host. He showed me around on the weekend and even took me to an electronic music festival that happens in Montreal in the summer. I also went to a fashion show and comic book convention which were very fun to take a peek at. Montreal is a beautiful city and if it wasn’t for all the French I would consider living there. Also had some amazing food like a smoked meat sandwich and poutine. After that I took a bus to Ottawa where I spent an additional 6 days, this time with 2 different hosts. I actually was set to stay with another person for my first few days but this host wasn’t home and although he said I could stay in his bed while he was gone I didn’t really like the state of his house so posted an emergency CS request and had a new host within a few hours. My hosts in Ottawa were cool and we had some nice conversations and they were very helpful. Ottawa a very pretty city and a nice capitol for my home country. I don’t think I needed 6 days there to see everything but it was a nice visit.

Thanks for following my travels throughout this year and I guess in some ways it isn’t over yet because I will be going back to South America for at least another year. I will post updates whenever I have news.

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