Santiago, Chile (Day 135)

IIt’s been a very busy month since my last post. Maca and my plans have been moving fast and we are getting things organised for our future. We now plan to be in Saskatoon, Canada for a wedding reception my parents are throwing for me in early April. On February 21st we are getting our civil marriage certificate which is the legal marriage document from Chile. It is recognised throughout the world but I may need to register it with the Canadian embassy here. We have a nice little ceremony and reception planned at Maca’s aunts and her family will be there also. Then we have the wedding on March 28th in a nice church before we go to a very very nice reception that her parents are graciously throwing us as a gift. We have our wedding rings purchased on hope to begin wearing them right after the civil marriage.

I am also going to Argentina this weekend because I need to renew my tourist visa again if it’s going to last until early April when we fly to Canada. I had a chance to get a work visa because my current employer gave me a contract but I found out the fee is over $150 USD and I would have to wait 3+ months for it to be processed. I would also have to wait for a $15 USD temporary visa if I applied for a spouse which doesn’t work either. It’s best that I get my tourist visa renewed and in the future if I will be in Chile for at least 3-4 months I will apply as a spouse, which requires waiting and registering with the Police once accepted. Speaking of my job I have sent in my 4 week notice to quit because I need time to focus on my future and I currently only have 2 students that barely gets me $300 CAD per month.

I realised today that my first post on the blog was on Feb 15th, 2011 in which I talked about my plans to travel the world. Now I post today, nearly 4 years later about my plans to get married in Chile. It’s been an amazing 4 years that have shaped my life and future more then I could have imagined. My next post will hopefully include pictures of my civil marriage and possibly the wedding as well. If I don’t post for a while then I may be in Canada and if that is the case I hope to have a nice apartment with Maca and will have much things to post.

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