Vancouver, Canada

MWell it’s been half a year since my last post which tends to happen when I get very busy, which I have been. Since my last post my life has changed a lot. I got married to my beautiful wife Macarena. We moved together from Chile to Canada in early April. After 2 weeks visiting my friends and family in Saskatchewan we moved to our new home in West End Vancouver. We have lived here in Vancouver for nearly 3 months and I started my new job 8+ weeks ago. All these things have kept me very busy, including selling everything we owned in Chile/Canada and buying all new things in Vancouver, which involved building a truck full of IKEA furniture and setting up an entire apartment of BestBuy electronics. I am very happy and things have been going great. We have made friends here in Vancouver already, many of which are Chilean natives which my wife found on a Facebook group.

AI lived in Santiago for a total of 194 days and I really enjoyed my time there. I did quit my job as an English teacher so I could focus on all these things I had planned, but I enjoyed the work and the people I got to speak with. Hopefully Maca’s parents can visit us in Canada near the end of 2015 but it is a bit expensive and nothing is for sure yet. We have been dragging our feet on finishing the immigration documentation which will mean a longer wait time for my wife to get her visa, but it also has some positives because it gives even greater proof of our relationship as we have begun our life together here in Canada.

3We are really enjoying living in Vancouver and I think it’s a very nice city. I have been to a lot of cities in the world, as this blog shows, but I think Vancouver is one of my favorites. Also it helps that I am Canadian so I have no legal restrictions on my status here. Our apartment is beautiful with an amazing view and we have had a few small get-togethers with friends already and they have enjoyed it also. I finally have a computer again after 4 years of not having a desktop, it’s nice to get to build a PC again and a fast user experience. I also moved to the Galaxy S6 for my phone which is extremely fast for a phone and I am very happy with it.

MI am enjoying married life and all that comes with it, good or bad. We are getting stronger as a couple everyday I feel and slowly working through any new things that come up. I am happy that the life I thought we could have in Canada has become a reality. I feel very fortunate for having the skills, knowledge and experience required to build a life like this. My time traveling has been invaluable in teaching me social and life skills that have helped me greatly here in Vancouver. Travel will always be part of my life and my history but now that I am married it will be different, and I am fine with that. I feel like these past 4 years I have got to live the dream of travel that I and many others have had. It was fun and exciting and different and stimulating. I think my future travels will be with my family for shorter periods of time to different places for different reasons. I still want to see so much, but I am content to slow down my pace of adventure and to work on growing my family and my life as it is now.

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  1. Macarena 20 July 2015 at 12:10 AM #

    I love you my sweetheart and I so happy with you and our life

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