I’m 30!

3 It’s been over 4 months since my last post and today is my 30th birthday. I was reflecting back on the last few years of my life since I began traveling and I am quite proud of what I have accomplished and how my life has gone thus far. I’m also very excited to begin my thirties and a new chapter in my life. My wife and I have been settled in Vancouver now for nearly 7 months and everyday together with her has been a great day, even the not-so-great ones. Just last week we finally finished her immigration application for permanent residence and an open work permit. I started working on these documents back in early April but because of a lot of laziness on both our parts we didn’t finish them until just recently. Now we need to wait 3-5 months for her to get her open work permit which will give her 2 years to legally work in Canada. Medical coverage is another story and I don’t think she will have that for another 3-6 months because of BC’s silly laws.

CI hope in the next 6-12 months to improve my working situation as I am currently a contract worker with no benefits. The pay is good and I enjoy my work and have a good boss, but I don’t think it’s a sustainable job under my current contract. I need the ability to take a few weeks off without knowing it means no pay. I want medical coverage so that I don’t have to pay BC MSP $130/month. I have seen many jobs online that I think I would be a good fit for, including one at Amazon that is just a dream at the moment. My job now is perfect and it allows me to get more experience in programming which is always valuable for a resume. I currently work mostly with C#, ASP.NET and T-SQL but I also do lots of Java/jQuery, XSLT, XML, HTML, CSS, etc. I “plan” to work on some open source Python projects also to get some practical knowledge with that programming language as it’s also quite popular.

H Our lease for our apartment is up in May 2016 and I think we plan to move into a 2 bedroom apartment so that we have room for any future little ones ;-). We haven’t looked much yet though and I dread the idea of moving all of our things, such as our 65″ TV. I think with my future job prospects and Maca joining the work force in the near future that we will have more than enough funds to pursue our dreams and work on an amazing future together. As for the little ones I spoke of, well that’s one of those all in good time things at the moment, but when things move forward on that I will be sure to notify everyone on my Facebook and post on my blog as well. We are both loving Vancouver and there are many fun things to do here. Tonight for my birthday we are going to my favorite sushi place and then for a walk in Stanley Park where they today setup a very nice Christmas light display. Next week the free ice rink opens near the art gallery so we will likely start skating more often, assuming it’s not too busy. We have a fireworks show this New Years that should be amazing but likely won’t top the last years fireworks in Valparaiso where I proposed to Maca.

MMy mom came to visit a few months ago for a week which was nice. We walked around Vancouver and she spent time with Maca. They talked a lot and my mom showed Maca some of the recipes for the food my Mom cooks that I like. My cousin Branden also visited for a day on his way through BC. In other news we had a fun Halloween although I got a bit too drunk early on because my boss had a office party at a bar and bought us some very strong drinks. I didn’t drink that much actually but it all hit me at once which made getting into my costume a real chore. I went as a killer clown which was slightly inspired by the clown from American Horror Story and my wife also went as a clown inspired by Harley Quinn. My next post probably won’t be for a few months but if something happens before then I will make sure to update everyone. Thanks for reading my blog as always.

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