So much news!!!

Hey again everyone! It’s been over 4 months since my last post and there have been many changes since then. After my post on my 30th birthday my wife surprised me later that night with news that she was pregnant! Since that news I have managed to organize free medical care for my wife through BC Women’s Hospital and their New Beginnings program which is for people living in BC who don’t have medical coverage. My wife is now 23 weeks pregnant as of today and our baby girl is very healthy so far. As for getting medical coverage for me and my wife, we will hopefully both be on MSP starting in this or next month as I applied 3 weeks ago.

The reason that I can now apply for MSP for my wife and I is because she has also got her Open Work Permit from CIC! With this she can now work and live in Canada until mid-2017 which is plenty of time for CIC to finish processing her Permanent Resident application. And because of new rules that the liberal government has brought in she will be able to apply for Citizenship 2 years earlier than we originally expected. In other news we started looking at apartments last month and we had ran into some stiff competition in this Vancouver downtown apartment market but we are happy to announce that as of today we have signed the papers on a 964 square foot 2 bedroom apartment in downtown Vancouver! We will start moving in on the 23rd and will be fully moved over by April 30th. We have some things to buy for the babies room and some other furniture that we need for this larger space.

My wife and I also celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary 2 weeks ago and it was fantastic. We went to a nice restaurant at Grouse Mountain and they had a great view of the city and we had a nice meal together and it was in general a very nice evening. For a different kind of news, is now running on a new web-server, hosted by StableHost. They have already proven themselves to be better than JustHost and they are also cheaper. I have also done a lot of tweaking recently to the blog to make it run faster and it should now load/feel a lot more responsive.

Well that is it for now. Our daughter is due in early August and my wives parents are coming to stay with us for 4-6 weeks to help us and to visit Maca and see Vancouver. Lots going on right now and lots happening in the future. As always thanks for reading and I will do another post in the near future.